Awards & Recognition


Dr. Rebecca Risinger and Dr. Lucianne Marin accept a $5,000.00 grant from the Smith County Medical Society and the Texas Medical Association Foundation for our "Healthy Kids" Group Visit Program.

This award is granted to further assist and expand our “Healthy Kids Shared Medical Visits” program to include an exercise component with a certified fitness instructor for children. Funding will also be utilized to provide more age appropriate educational materials related to nutrition and to augment existing pediatric nutrition support services.

Shared Medical Visits are a fairly new concept of health care in the east Texas area, especially in pediatrics, however, more common on the west and east coast. These visits are also attended by a Pediatrician providing individualized patient care. Scheduled reporting will be provided to the Society regarding the interventions and goals accomplished with this program.

Family Circle of Care has been awarded the 2015 Health Center Quality Improvement Grant Award from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Primary Health Care. This award is considered one of the highest awards in the state of Texas granted to Texas Community Health Centers. It was granted to Family Circle of Care, in recognition for performance improvement in the areas of Clinical Quality, Patient Access and High Value Health Centers.

Family Circle of Care has become the recipient of the Superior Health Plan group grant award in the amount of $5,000. This award is granted to assist in our “Healthy Kids Shared Medical Visits” clinic. Funding will go towards educational materials and videos related to such topics as nutrition counseling, the use of healthy snacks and appropriate food preparation. It will also provide for such activity items as hoola hoops, jump ropes and activity monitors such as pedometers. Superior Health Plan provides public insurance for many of our patients.

Nadra Miller LVN, Broadway Clinic
Accepts award from NET Health Public Health District
for high immunization rates in the Broadway clinic

Sherri Gould RN and Aimee Herring LVN
Broadway and Houston Pediatric Clinics
Accept award from NET Health Public Health District
for high Immunization rates