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Sherri Gould, RN, BSN
Site Manager
Sherri Gould, who was raised in Clear Lake City, Texas, graduated with her ADN in 1995 from Alvin Community College, in Alvin, Texas. She feels like having a Down’s syndrome child enticed her to look to the Nursing field to help those patients in need. After a late start to her career, and 20 plus years of nursing, she has excelled in becoming a Team Leader and Charge Nurse, and lastly as Pediatric Site Manager for two clinics with Family Circle of Care.

After leading teams for so long, Sherri decided to obtain her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from The University of Texas at Arlington, and graduated there in December 2015, much to the delight of her family and co-workers. It was a huge undertaking to achieve, while working full time, to which she states “If it wasn’t for the grace of God and the understanding of my husband and family, this couldn’t have been possible!”

Sherri is surrounded by a loving family: a husband, four children, and four-grand-children. Her parents reside in Angelfire, New Mexico. She is the sister of a brother in Los Angeles, California and a sister in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sherri feels that God has sent her down his chosen paths, that at times have been both taxing and rewarding, and she feels that her service to God and her community, are fulfilled in the position she holds at Family Circle of Care.